As an organization, MUTEH’s primary objective is transitioning homeless individuals into stable housing while also integrating them as a new part of the community. MUTEH offers several housing programs, each with a specific focus to reach different needs of the homeless community. The following Rapid Re-Housing programs are provided through Federal and State grants: ESG, CHOICE, CoC, and SSVF. These programs are targeted towards Veterans, the mentally ill, and/or chronically homeless populations. By emphasizing a strategy to serve every unique situation, MUTEH is able to both house the homeless and create a stable foundation on which to build a new life. 


Rapid Re-Housing provides short-term, temporary financial assistance as well as case management to qualified applicants and helps them transition into the community. Financial services are based on assessed needs and available community resources. Clients do not only receive housing assistance under Rapid Re-Housing, but Supportive Services as well. MUTEH’s Rapid Re-Housing programs are tailored towards vulnerable populations as identified in the Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness.


It is MUTEH’s goal to declare a functional end to Veterans’ homelessness in Mississippi’s Balance of State by 2018; and with the help of MUTEH’s Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) Rapid Re-Housing program, this goal is becoming more attainable. SSVF promotes housing stability among very low-income Veteran families who are either currently homeless or are immediately becoming homeless if not for housing intervention. According to SSVF standards, a Veteran is defined as a “person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released there from under conditions other than dishonorable.”  As a part of this program, Veterans and their families are provided with outreach, case management, and supportive services. SSVF also assists clients with obtaining other public benefits and needed services within the community.

Mental health

The CHOICE program is a collaborative effort of the Department of Mental Health, Mississippi Home Cooperation, and MUTEH. This program is designed to provide a community housing option for mentally ill individuals who frequently or currently reside, or have been released from State psychiatric facilities. CHOICE bridges applicants to the community by providing temporary rental assistance and intensive case management in their home through local community mental health centers. With appropriate care and community support, these individuals transition smoothly and successfully into being functioning members of the community. Financial assistance available to CHOICE qualified individuals includes move-in assistance and 12 months’ rental assistance.


MUTEH’s Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) and Continuum of Care (CoC) Rapid Re-Housing projects are targeted towards the unsheltered and sheltered homeless populations. These programs provide temporary financial assistance and case management based on individual needs to qualified applicants. ESG and CoC housing programs promote housing stability to literally homeless individuals by removing program barriers and targeting services towards the most vulnerable.  To encourage a successful community transition, MUTEH elicits support from providers in the community.

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