how you can help

As homeless service providers, the goal of the Mississippi United to End Homelessness Continuum of Care is to move people through the system toward permanent housing.

Without a strong voice in funding competition, many service providers are unable to receive the resources which would benefit the vulnerable populations of the homeless and at-risk. By becoming a part (member) of your local Continuum of Care, you can help ensure that funds are provided and that needs are met. As a participant in your local CoC, your community’s homeless population and their needs will have the advocacy essential to receiving funding and project priority. Below are some steps to learning more about your local CoC and how you can be involved:

Get involved

  • Contact the local HUD office for information regarding the local CoC. The Office of Community Development and Planning Director administers the CoC process.
  • Contact the local lead agencies for CoC meeting dates and locations.
  • Attend CoC meetings, join a committee, and/or participate in data collection.
  • Network with your community: seek out partnerships and collaborate with local organizations to increase capacity and the range of services available.
  • Identify the services most likely to receive funding priority, and recognize how the homeless issues fit into the noticed gaps of your community.
  • Take a leadership role among service providers as a Lead Agency or Collaborative Applicant
  • Become an activist for homeless issues by providing outreach and education to your community regarding the needs of the local homeless population.