our story

Since our beginning in 1991, MUTEH’s objective has been to provide the homeless population of Mississippi with appropriate housing and to connect them with community resources while stabilizing them during the transitional period. For nearly two decades, MUTEH was registered with the Secretary of State as part of Multi-County Community Service Agency. Then, beginning in 2008 after receiving 501C3 status, MUTEH rose as Lead Agency for both Homeless Management Information Systems and the Continuum of Care. From 2009 to 2012, MUTEH was a recipient of ARRA stimulus funds designated for Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Programs. Since then, MUTEH has maintained position as HMIS and CoC Lead Agency and continues to progress as a top Non-Profit in the State working to serve and house the vulnerable populations. Presently, MUTEH specifically emphasizes the urgent need to end Veteran homelessness across the State. At this time, MUTEH also continues to partner with other organizations on local and State levels as well as cities in constant efforts to serve the hardest-to-reach populations and put an end to homelessness.